Endless 4

By some miracle or maybe just a little dumb luck, Ivan has returned. His body is healed but left in a weakened state. No matter, Harper and the clan are thrilled that he’s back.
Unfortunately, Ivan coming back starts a whole new chain of events.
There’s something wrong with Ivan, and it quickly becomes clear that the only way to fix what’s wrong is to reestablish the clans’ connections with each other.
It’s an easy enough task to complete, but it’s made a little more challenging with Erik’s sudden aggressiveness. The clans’ eagerness to reestablish their connections might have something to do with that, though.
Piece by piece, they each find their place.
The only issue now is Harper’s sudden bouts of sickness and what it means.
No matter what, no one can find out about Harper’s pregnancy, especially not the council. If they were to find out, it could put the entire clan in danger.
Erik suggests they move to a house closer to the Linbridge border. If danger comes, then the house provides an easier escape from their town and the council. Harper agrees to the move. She’s ready to put the past behind her, and the house they’re currently in holds too many horrible reminders of the past events.
Before they get the chance to move, something unexpected happens. The baby grows, and Harper’s pregnancy becomes noticeable.
Now, hiding is her only option, but when that fails, she’s forced to run.
With Silas and Drake by her side, Harper is forced to leave Erik, James, and Ivan behind to deal with the council. It’s all for the best.
Leaving will ensure their safety, at least for now.
But will defying the council mean that the clan will never be able to return to Linbridge? Will Harper have to run for the rest of their lives if her baby is born a hybrid?
One thing is clear; as long as they’re together, the clan can weather any storm that might come their way.
They will do whatever it takes to survive.