Damage Me

This book is recommended to be read first before reading “Colton Clark.”

Sky has been hiding from….well, everyone and everything.
Her entire life changed with one very embarrassing moment.
One moment that should have never of happened, and one that she would both regret and cherish.
Her heart still belongs to Colton, her first and only love, even though her hatred towards him grows with the years that pass.
Not being able to go back in time to fix what happened Sky is forced to deal with it the best she can, which means, no parties, and no going out with her two only friends Jade and Hope.
Sky vows to herself to never open up her heart to another guy after what her high school crush had done.
Life kind of passes her by.
She hides herself, her body, and her heart in fear, until the truth finally comes out about what happened that fateful day.
Years later, Jade and Hope finally push her into facing her fears.
She goes to a party.
And of all the places in the world the very party she goes to, he’s there, Colton Clark. All of those long forgotten memories flood back like a tidal wave.
Sky gives herself another chance at happiness, she allows someone in her life, but still, she can’t give Colton up.
She needs him, and she still loves him.
With his demons, and hers, standing in their way will they be able to find each other’s hearts again?
Will she be able to forgive him after his secrets come out?
Are they destined to be, or is this one high school love that will crash and burn?