Being in Marcus’s grasp is the last thing Piper wanted, but she’s stuck. It’s the only way to keep Eli and the others safe for now.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep her completely out of trouble.
It certainly doesn’t stop the war looming over their heads either. What it does do is speed it up. Eli wants Piper back, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.
Marcus’s little games nearly end it all.
One terrible choice leaves Piper feeling unsure if she should even return to Eli. It was a simple mistake but one that she would never be able to take back. It was a mistake that could destroy their relationship.
When Eli finally comes after Marcus, they end up finding themselves on the same side.
Their little feud is nothing compared to what’s about to happen.
A war amongst all angels is in the making. It turns out that Eli and Piper’s union had caused an unexpected impact. Angels can now be killed by other angels.
One by one the pure angels are being destroyed.
The end of days is closer than they expected.
Living in their last moments, Piper fixes her relationship with Eli while Marcus tries to make up for his own mistakes. They must pull together or perish in the upcoming battle.
Everyone must make sacrifices.
They will lose each other, but in the end, they all get second chances.
True love will prevail.