Wren is a typical, everyday, girl, at least that’s what she believes. What she doesn’t know is that she’s part of a much bigger picture. She’s about to find out and it will change everything she’s ever known.
When a new guy shows up at school, she can’t help but feel connected to him. It’s a connection she has to fight and keep secret from her boyfriend, Jake.
Just when her life begins coming together, it comes unraveled. Some secrets are hard to keep, but others aren’t meant to be kept.
Wren discovers that she’s a descendant of the one and only Little Red Riding Hood.
The second everything comes out into the open Wren’s world changes drastically. She learns that Jake is a hunter, along with their friend Noah. Her other close friend, Aiden, is a descendant of Van Helsing, and Liam…Liam is the wolf from all of the stories she’s been told about.
The only difference is that Liam isn’t a big bad wolf.
No, that’s not how Wren’s story goes. In fact, it’s far from it. Instead of being afraid of Liam, Wren is drawn to him. They share a deep connection, but that’s all thanks to the curse they share. It’s a curse that had destroyed her mother’s love, her grandmother’s love, and the many descendants that came before her. The curse was meant to destroy her happiness.
Thankfully the curse can be broken. It’s not an easy task though, and with danger lurking around every corner it makes it nearly impossible. Add the fact that Wren can’t tell Liam and Jake how to break the curse and it makes it that much more difficult.
Fortunately, fate takes the situation into its own hands.
They are saved but not without a price.
Loved ones will die. Wren’s faith will be tested, and her heart will be broken.
Only the one that she truly loves will save her in the end.