James 3.5

***This short novella is intended to give this series a different point of view. This story is not required to be read between Book Three and Book Four. Book Four will begin where Book Three left off.***

Told from James’s point of view.

Just when everything seems to be falling apart, it suddenly comes back together leaving James and the clan in a state of shock. One second Ivan was gone and the next he’s living and breathing as if nothing had ever happened. It’s a joyous moment but one that doesn’t feel real.
Once the shock wears off James is left with some unresolved feelings that had been bothering him even before Ivan’s death. They need to be dealt with, but first, he has a detour to take.
That detour takes him to Jack’s hotel along with Drake.
Staying at Jack’s are a small group of hunters; hunters who have ties to the ones who had nearly destroyed the clan. To defeat the threat that they pose James is more than ready to kill. He’s prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure Harper’s safety, but he’s also determined to handle the situation without Erik.
Of course, when Erik finds out about James’s secret, he rushes in to take over. His presence alone annoys James. He’s had enough of taking orders and lately Erik has been more overbearing than usual.
They clash, and Erik does something drastic to put James back into his place. It’s a move that ends up nearly costing James his life when they attack the hunters.
After the hunters are destroyed James and Erik are left figuring out how to repair their relationship. They find their way but not before their lives become even more complicated.
Will this new complication destroy their clan entirely or will it bring them closer? Only time will tell.