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Things are looking up for Parker and her pack. Now that Gage has returned to the pack, Parker can move forward again.
Of course, it’s not going to be easy.
Gage is suffering from night terrors from the torture he endured while still in the Hunters’ grasp. As a result, every morning is a struggle for him. It’s a fight to figure out reality vs. nightmare.
All that Parker and her pack can do is be there to support him. With time, Parker hopes that Gage can overcome his trauma. She hopes that her love will be enough.
While things are rocky with Gage, Parker ends up with her hands a bit fuller than expected when she finally gives birth. Of course, having two babies isn’t what any of them had expected, but it’s a blessing in disguise. Parker now has a piece of Rowan that she’ll always cherish.
As the days march forward, Rixon and Titus form plans to take down the last of the Hunter facilities and regain control of the Onyx Pack’s homes again. Their plans are good, but they’ll need a bit of help. And when Parker calls London for help, he doesn’t hesitate to say yes.
Once London arrives, Parker is faced with telling him the truth. London has to face the fact that Parker will never be his. She belongs with Gage and always will. Still, they care deeply for each other, and both know those feelings will never change.
Going forward, their relationship will have to transform into a friendship. Thankfully, Gage understands and gives Parker support when she needs it to get over her bond with London.
Day by day, their future begins looking brighter.
One by one, the Hunters are being destroyed. They find themselves closer to freedom. They’re closer to never having to worry about being taken away again, and their children will be able to grow up without fear.
Unfortunately, they have one last fight ahead of them.
It’s a risky situation that puts them all in danger. One of them might even have to make the ultimate sacrifice. It’s worth it, though, because, in the end, those they love will be safe.
There’s only one question left to ask.
After everything she’s been through, will Parker get her happily ever after?