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Things are looking up for Parker and her pack. Now that Gage has returned to the pack, Parker can move forward again.
Of course, it’s not going to be easy.
Gage is suffering from night terrors from the torture he endured while still in the Hunters’ grasp. As a result, every morning is a struggle for him. It’s a fight to figure out reality vs. nightmare.
All that Parker and her pack can do is be there to support him. With time, Parker hopes that Gage can overcome his trauma. She hopes that her love will be enough.
While things are rocky with Gage, Parker ends up with her hands a bit fuller than expected when she finally gives birth. Of course, having two babies isn’t what any of them had expected, but it’s a blessing in disguise. Parker now has a piece of Rowan that she’ll always cherish.
As the days march forward, Rixon and Titus form plans to take down the last of the Hunter facilities and regain control of the Onyx Pack’s homes again. Their plans are good, but they’ll need a bit of help. And when Parker calls London for help, he doesn’t hesitate to say yes.
Once London arrives, Parker is faced with telling him the truth. London has to face the fact that Parker will never be his. She belongs with Gage and always will. Still, they care deeply for each other, and both know those feelings will never change.
Going forward, their relationship will have to transform into a friendship. Thankfully, Gage understands and gives Parker support when she needs it to get over her bond with London.
Day by day, their future begins looking brighter.
One by one, the Hunters are being destroyed. They find themselves closer to freedom. They’re closer to never having to worry about being taken away again, and their children will be able to grow up without fear.
Unfortunately, they have one last fight ahead of them.
It’s a risky situation that puts them all in danger. One of them might even have to make the ultimate sacrifice. It’s worth it, though, because, in the end, those they love will be safe.
There’s only one question left to ask.
After everything she’s been through, will Parker get her happily ever after?

Available Now!!

So, I have an update and a new surprise release today. First, I am still working on the final book in The Onyx Wolves series, but there have been some delays which is going to push a release date for Beloved to May instead of this month. Second, since I’m unable to release Beloved this month I have decided to release a new Alien Reverse Harem single. It’s been finished for some time so I decided to give everyone something to read while waiting patiently for Beloved. Click on the link below to purchase or read with Kindle Unlimited. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Reading!!

One dying planet. A strong woman willing to do whatever is necessary to survive. And three sexy alien beasts ready to rescue her from certain death. Put them together, and you’ll get one epic Alien Reverse Harem Romance.

Imagine a world where all hope is lost. There’s no chance of survival. That’s where Zoey finds herself. Earth is dying, and she and her companions are left trying to survive one more day.
Their days are numbered until a spaceship appears over their crumbling city.
With its arrival comes a renewed sense of hope.
But when other survivors begin to go missing, their hope dwindles. And when they find those who were taken dead in a field, all hope is lost again.
It appears that their supposed saviors might be their end.

The Rolkai are an alien race who have been searching for compatible mates to continue their bloodline. An unstoppable illness wiped out nearly their entire female population, leaving them desperate.
So, when they get a distress call from Earth, they rush to help.
Humans are exactly who they need.
The state of the planet saddens the Rolkai Commander, but one brave woman catches his attention. She’s everything he desires, but she can’t be trusted. Humans like her only cause trouble, and he isn’t willing to put everyone on his ship at risk.
His other two mates urge him to give her a chance.

Zoey must navigate her new reality with caution. She’s been captured by the aliens, and she’s been separated from her companions.
Instead of forgetting her promises to protect her family, she defies the Rolkai Commander to find them.
They must learn to trust each other, but it doesn’t come easily. Of course, there are ups and downs, but, ultimately, they learn to love each other.
Unfortunately, they become separated.
Due to some unfortunate events and some terrible luck, Zoey ends up stranded on Earth again.
The Rolkai Commander stops at nothing to get Zoey back.
Will she survive the end of the world? Will the Rolkai Commander and his mates make it in time to save her again? Will they get another chance at a better future?
Their fate is written in the stars.

**** Burnt Skies is an Alien Reverse Harem Romance. That means the main character will have a happily ever after with three or more sexy beasts. This story is recommended for readers 18+ for adult content and language. This story also contains some M/M scenes. ****

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