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Take one strong young woman, drop her into the middle of a biker gang, and what do you get? You get a savage woman who will do anything to survive.

But she won’t have to do it alone for long.
Sloane’s mother is notorious for bringing home the wrong type of men, but when she brings home the leader of the local biker gang, her world takes a drastic turn.
Instead of living her life the way she wants, Sloane is forced into gang life.
Thankfully the leader’s son takes an interest in her.
Reaper is drawn to Sloane. Her strength and cunning intrigue him. When his father decides to use Sloane to make a point, Reaper is forced to step in to keep her safe. He doesn’t want the other men in the gang to destroy her spirit.
With a bit of help from Reaper’s group and a wild plan, Sloane begins to think things might not be so bad living within the gang. Of course, being shared between five handsome men isn’t what Sloane had imagined for her future, but it works.
Unfortunately, the feeling of safety doesn’t last long.
Sloane attracts the wrong type of attention.
The other women in the gang want her gone.
One wrong step lands Sloane in a world of danger and into the hands of the rival gang. There she finds a lost soul who takes strength from Sloane to survive. Together they escape certain torture and death, but it doesn’t come without a cost.
Every day that passes, the connection between Sloane and her men grows.
And together, they face every obstacle thrown their way.
But when death comes to collect, can they survive?
Will Sloane ever be safe? Maybe. But it will come at a price that must be paid in blood.

**** Savage is a Reverse Harem Romance. That means the main character will have a happily ever after with three or more sexy bikers. This story is recommended for readers 18+ for adult content and language. This story also contains some M/M scenes. ****