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Coming February 14th, 2020!! This is my newest New Adult/Young Adult Romance. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this story. Pre-order is available now. Go check it out.

Amazon Link: Rock Me

Late night parties, adoring fans, and long road trips are just part of life when you’re part of a rising band. Of course, not everyone gets the attention they want or deserve. And as Chloe’s band Cyclone Lies grows in popularity, she quickly realizes how lonely being the only female of the group can be. While her band-mates Marshal, Russell, and Micah, are surrounded nightly by groups of girls, Chloe is left all alone. But that’s not the worst part; the worst part is watching the one guy she’s secretly in love with surrounded by all those girls. Not once has Marshal noticed her love for him, and that only makes the situation worse for Chloe. She has no idea how to get his attention. When Chloe stumbles upon Marshal in an intimate position with a girl on their tour bus, she gives up. More

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Finding my Pack is my latest Reverse Harem single. If you enjoyed my last Reverse Harem single Forbidden, then you’re going to love this one too. Release day is January 15th, 2020. The link to pre-order this story is below.

Jade has a dream; she wants a pack to call her own and alpha to love her.
Unfortunately, that’s not what Jade has gotten. Her path has already been chosen for her. Jade has an alpha, but Holden doesn’t love her, let alone show her any affection.
She’s left watching him with other females in the community, and there’s nothing that she can do to stop him. No amount of pleading with Holden gets the results that she wants.
While the alpha ignores her, Holden’s second and brother Flint doesn’t. He gives Jade the love that she longs for, but they must keep their feelings for each other hidden.
When Holden rejects her one last time, Jade gives up. More

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Forbidden is my latest Reverse Harem story. This is going to be a standalone book and it’s going to be a little steamier than I’ve written before. I will warn you that the characters drop quiet a few F-bombs. Since my schedule is so hectic I’ve decided to release this book without a pre-order period. I plan on releasing it this Friday, April 19th, 2019. I can’t wait to share this story with everyone. I had a lot of fun writing it. I’ll post links as soon as it’s available.

Clover’s life is pretty normal. She shares an apartment with her best friend, Amanda, and is a student in college. The only issue she’s facing are the awkward moments in the apartment with Amanda’s boyfriend, Mitch. Instead of spending time at the apartment Clover begins hiding out at school.
When her best guy friends Dimitri, Gavin, and Dane find out what’s happening they offer her one of their empty rooms in their house. At first, she doesn’t accept their offer, but after one more awkward encounter with Amanda and Mitch, Clover decides to move so that her best friend can have the space that they need. More

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We have a release date for The Rebels. The Rebels will be released April 20th, 2018!! You can pre-order now, just follow the link below.

Becoming the rebel leader wasn’t what Nova expected to do, but fate had placed her in that very position. After being deceived by Edric, it only seemed natural to choose the side that stood against the Nokalt.

Of course being the leader isn’t easy, but with Ash by her side, Nova feels as if they can do anything. And with a rebel army behind them, the possibilities are limitless.

As the days go by Nova’s relationship with Ash grows stronger, but that doesn’t keep her from wanting someone else. She wants Wade. Something is pulling her to him, something that she can’t understand.

When the Nokalt attack without warning, everything spins out of control. Rebels die, and Wade is left knocking at death’s door.

The rebels want revenge. More

Coming July 10th, 2017!!

Izzy is your average girl but she been placed in the worst of situations. After losing her parents in an unfortunate tragedy she finds herself stuck in the foster care system. Her life from that point hasn’t been pleasant. The only good that had come out of it is her best friend Avery. They comfort each other like brother and sister.
Nearly eighteen, Avery faces the possibility of being tossed out onto the streets.
Luckily a family comes for him.
Once again Izzy faces watching her best friend and her rock being pulled away from her, possibly forever this time. Her heart breaks as she realizes that her fate could land her on the streets if no one comes forward for her, too. More

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Wolf  (Life’s a Fairytale Collection)

**Release Date: April 12th**

Wren is a normal everyday girl, at least that’s what she believes. What she doesn’t know is that she’s part of a much bigger picture. She’s about to find out though and it will change everything she’s ever known. When a new guy shows up at school she can’t help but feel connected to him. It’s a connection she has to fight and keep secret from her boyfriend, Jake. Just when her life begins coming together it comes unraveled. More

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Bitten (The Vampires of Linbridge) Book 1

**Release Date: March 17th**

Harper is a young girl who grew up in a special town, a town called Linbridge. What’s so special about this town? Well, it might be the simple fact that most of its residents are vampires. They aren’t the bloodthirsty type though. They only want to live in peaceful harmony with the humans surrounding them. Of course no one dares to defy the rules that the vampires have placed over the town. More

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